28 December 2023 – 09:41 Central Euro Time

The EuroCurrencies and Gold are at present above today’s Neutral Zones, whilst the Bond is below same; BEGOS Markets volatility is mostly light. The Swiss Franc is trading above 1.20 for the first time (save for its brief Euro-decoupling spike in January of 2015) since September of 2011. Gold is again teasing the 2100 level, the session high to this point being 2098: by Market Rhythms on a 10-test basis, various Gold studies populate the top of the consistency stack, notably for the 4hr, 6hr, 8hr and 12hr timeframes; and by Market Values, Gold (in real-time) is +51 points above its smooth valuation line. For the week’s light Econ Baro calendar, today’s metrics include Pending Home Sales for November.