27 October 2022 – 09:18 Central Euro Time

Today is long-anticipated StateSide Q3 GDP Day: by the rising Econ Baro during the Q3 metrics period, we anticipate REAL GDP to have turned positive, thus “officially” ending the recession, (politically perfect timing for the Democrat Party with the mid-term elections in the balance just 12 days hence; we expect the media/Dem flag-waving to capitalize on this throughout). Ahead of the data, all eight BEGOS Markets are at present within their respective Neutral Zones for today, and volatility is mostly light. Yesterday’s negative pull by MSFT on the S&P’s MoneyFlow was significant, typically suggestive of lower levels near-term for the Index itself. In addition to Q3 GDP, the Econ Baro also looks to September’s Durable Orders.