26 September 2023 – 09:10 Central Euro Time

Red is the watchword for the BEGOS Markets, all of which at present are below their respective Neutral Zones for today. Session volatility is moderate across the board, which is refreshing given the otherwise narrower-than-average EDTRS (see Market Ranges). Oil (currently 88.69) has its real-time “Baby Blue” dot at +78%: if this provisional sub +80% level is confirmed by close, we look to lower price levels, just as was the case some five weeks ago, albeit the downside follow-through from that signal was muted; the average price follow-through of the four “Baby Blues” signals that have occurred from one year ago-to-date is 5.7 points, (which in that vacuum alone from here “suggests” the 83s, without regards for other measurings). The Econ Baro gets its week going with September’s Consumer Confidence and August’s New Home Sales.