25 October 2023 – 09:07 Central Euro Time

At present, all eight BEGOS Markets are within their respective Neutral Zones for today, and volatility is at best light. In looking at Market Rhythms on a 10-test basis, the most profitably consistent through yesterday are Silver’s 8hr Price Oscillator, 12hr MACD, 6hr Moneyflow and daily Parabolics, plus Oil’s 4hr Moneyflow, the Euro’s daily Moneyflow, and the Swiss Franc’s daily MACD. On a 24-test basis, the best is Gold’s 1hr Price Oscillator. By our S&P MoneyFlow page, we’ve still yet to detect any real fear, even as our “live” P/E (futs-adj’d) is now 36.9x. The Econ Baro gets its back-loaded week underway with September’s New Home Sales.