25 October 2022 – 09:26 Central Euro Time

The Bond is the sole BEGOS Market trading at present outside (above) its Neutral Zone for today; the balance of the components are within same, and volatility is light compared to yesterday’s more moderate pace at this time. At Markets Trends, linear regressions have rotated to positive for the Euro, Copper, Oil and the Spoo; those for the balance of the bunch remain negative. The Bond by Market Values is nearly 9 points below its smooth valuation line; price is quite low as well vis-à-vis its Market Magnet. The yield curve remains flat with returns above 4% pretty much across the U.S. securities’ spectrum. Q3 Earnings Season too remains fairly flat with just 52% of reporting constituents having thus far improved, (i.e. 48% have not so done). The “live” P/E of the S&P is 34.7x; price itself is struggling north of 3800 as suggested by the recent references to it being a key “fib” retracement area. The Econ Baro looks to October’s Consumer Confidence.