25 Aug ’22, 09:31 Central Euro Time:

Six of the eight BEGOS Markets are trading at present above their respective Neutral Zones for today; only the Bond and Oil are inside of same, and volatility is moderate. The Spoo looks to be leading the S&P into the anticipated bounce as lead by the positive MoneyFlow differential elicited by the thin selling of late; however with the S&P’s still very high P/E and recessive economic indicators, our sense is the broader-based S&P correction has yet to run its course, the 3600-3200 support zone still not tested. Too, at Market Trends, the “Baby Blues” for the Spoo continue to fall, as do they for all the other BEGOS Markets, save for Oil. The Econ Baro looks to the second reading of negative Q2 GDP as further exacerbated by the high Chain Deflator.