25 April 2024 – 08:27 Central Euro Time

The EuroCurrencies (Euro and Swiss Franc) are at present above today’s Neutral Zones; the balance of the BEGOS Markets are within same, and volatility is light. Amongst the five primary BEGOS components, the best correlation is negative between the Bond and Gold. As for the five’s Market Values in real-time: the Bond is better than -6 points “low” vis-à-vis its smooth valuation line, the Euro -2.16 points “low”, Gold +96 points “high”, Oil right on its valuation line, and the Spoo -215 points “low”, (the S&P 500 itself now eight days “textbook oversold”, however fundamentally by earnings still catastrophically overvalued, the “live” P/E 43.6x). Incoming metrics for the Econ Baro today include March’s Pending Home Sales plus the first peek at Q1 GDP.