24 November 2022 – 09:22 Central Euro Time

StateSide ’tis Thanksgiving: thus we’ve a two-day “Friday” session underway for the BEGOS Markets with a five-hour trading halt today (Thursday) at 18:00 GMT and an abbreviated trading session on Friday itself with all components closed by 18:45 GMT. Not surprisingly, all the products are at present within their respective Neutral Zones. By Market Trends, upside consistency is improving per the “Baby Blues” for the Bond, Euro, Swiss Franc and Spoo; for the metals triumvirate, the uptrend consistency continues to weaken; and for Oil itself, the trend itself remains down. The S&P’s brief session tomorrow will commence with the P/E at an extreme 37.7x (as presently marked to the Spoo in real-time), the Index itself “textbook overbought” through the past 10 trading days (two weeks).