23 Sep ’22, 09:32 Central Euro Time:

Save for the Bond, the other seven BEGOS Markets components are in the red, at present the Euro, Swiss Franc, Copper and Oil trading below their respective Neutral Zones for today. The S&P’s glide toward 3600 remains intact, (now from 3758 just 158 points further south; and specific to the Spoo, its “EDTR” per Market Ranges is 90 points such that S&P 3600 can arrive sooner than later). That noted, the S&P is still mildly “textbook oversold”, and in real-time the Spoo itself is 248 points below its smooth valuation line (see Market Values). That noted, by our Moneyflow page, the is little fear be it by the weekly, monthly or quarterly measures. By Market Profiles, the nearest overhead notable Spoo resistor is at 3780, above which is a thicker patch from 3870-3891. And by Market trends, only the Swiss Franc and Silver are sporting linear regression uptrends. In the midst of all this, Gold is having quite a narrow week, as we’ll note in tomorrow’s 671st edition of The Gold Update.