23 August 2023 – 09:02 Central Euro Time

The Bond, Metals Triumvirate and Spoo all are at present above their respective Neutral Zones for today; none of the other BEGOS Markets are below same, and volatility is mostly light, save for Silver which has already traced 60% of its EDTR (see Market Ranges). By Market Rhythms, heading the list of the 24-test swing basis (for 405 studies) is the long-time visibly-observed Spoo’s 15mn MACD, likely the most popular trading study going back better than 20 years from our days at AvidTrader. At Market Trends, Oil’s “Baby Blues” continue to descend; however, price has yet to break lower to our anticipated mid-to-low 70s range (currently 79.46). The Econ Baro awaits July’s New Home Sales.