22 May 2023 – 09:19 Central Euro Time

The BEGOS Markets begin the week with weakness in both Copper and Oil, the two components at present below their respective Neutral Zones for today. The Gold Update cites our being wrong about the yellow metal’s imminent rise to an All-Time High (i.e. above 2089, which still stands from 07 August 2020); instead, the weekly parabolic trend would flip from Long to Short this week were 1942.1 to trade, (price currently is 1977); too, Gold’s weekly MACD is provisionally crossing to negative. Q1 Earnings Season concludes with 56% of the reporting S&P 500 constituents having improved their bottom lines from a year ago: ex-COVID reporting periods, that is the second-weakest quarterly improvement since Q3 of 2017, (and in turns lends to why our “live” P/E for the S&P is now 52.2x). ‘Tis a quiet day for the Econ Baro with most incoming metrics due toward week’s end.