21 July 2023 – 09:04 Central Euro Time

Both Copper and Oil are above their respective Neutral Zones for today; none of the other BEGOS Markets are below same, and volatility is mostly light. Whilst the S&P 500 yesterday lost but -0.7%, its MoneyFlow (a favoured leading indicator) was the most negative since 13 September 2022, (following which within 21 days, the Spoo fell as much as 383 points); and despite yesterday’s move lower, the S&P remains “textbook overbought” now through 33 consecutive trading days. Q2 Earnings Season through yesterday finds 64 S&P constituents having thus far reported with 55% having done better year-over-year: the fut’s-adj’d “live” P/E is 56.8x. The Econ Baro takes a breather following its negative week.