21 December 2022 – 09:21 Central Euro Time

Both Gold and Silver are at present below their respective Neutral Zones for today; the balance of the BEGOS Markets are within same, and volatility is mostly light. By Market Values, the Bond’s “Baby Blues” confirmed dropping below their key +80% axis, suggestive of still lower levels near-term; at a glance however, the Bond looks more as a sell into strength below 132 rather than an outright sell here at 128, (subject as ever to one’s cash management parameters); by Market Values (in real-time) the Bond shows as 2.5 points “high” above its smooth valuation line; but by its “faster” Market Magnet, the Bond settled yesterday some 2.5 points “low”. For the Econ Baro we’ve December’s Consumer Confidence, November’s Existing Home Sales, and Q3’s Current Account Deficit.