21 April 2023 – 09:20 Central Euro Time

Except for the Bond and the Spoo, the six other BEGOS Markets are at present below their respective Neutral Zones for today; volatility is light-to-moderate. The S&P 500’s MoneyFlow was materially affected yesterday by the fall in shares of TSLA, reminding us of the days when AAPL seemed to be the entirety of the S&P, one stock driving the bus. Still, by “textbook technicals”, the S&P is “overbought” for a 15th consecutive session (three weeks), albeit the Spoo’s daily MACD is now poised for a negative cross. Too, yesterday’s incoming metrics for the Econ Baro were notably negative, nearly driving the Baro to its lowest oscillative level in a year; (more in tomorrow’s edition of The Gold Update).