20 June 2023 – 10:07 Central Euro Time

The two-day session for the BEGOS Markets continues with all eight components in the red, including at present both the Swiss Franc and Silver below today’s Neutral Zones; volatility has ramped up to moderate across the board. The S&P 500 (amongst the overvaluation citings herein mentioned of late as well as in The Gold Update) has been “textbook overbought” these last 11 trading days, and “extremely” so for the past four sessions. The futs-adj’d “live” P/E of the S&P is 54.7x and the yield 1.538%; (the U.S. three-month T-Bill yield is 5.065%). Specific to the Spoo by its Market Profile, there is trading support at 4416, and then failing that, in the 4334-4319 range. At Market Trends, save for Oil, the balance of the linreg trends all are positive. The Econ Baro looks to May’s Housing Starts/Permits.