19 March 2024 – 09:36 Central Euro Time

All eight BEGOS Markets are at present in the red; session volatility is mostly moderate; of note, the Yen (not as yet a BEGOS component) has traced 168% of its EDTR (see Market Ranges for those of the BEGOS Markets), as the BOJ ends its era of negative interest rates. Looking at Market Rhythms, our leader for consistency on a pure swing 10-test basis is Gold’s 30mn Price Oscillator, whilst on a 24-test basis ’tis the Swiss Franc’s 6hr Parabolics; indeed by Market Trends, the Swiss Franc is the only component now sporting a negative linreg: were there a “hawkish hint” in the FOMC’s Policy Statement (tomorrow) ‘twould likely add to Dollar strength. The Econ Baro awaits February’s Housing Starts/Permits.