19 June 2024 – 08:43 Central Euro Time

Given the StateSide holiday, we’ve a two-day GLOBEX session in progress: at present, all eight BEGOS Markets are within their respective Neutral Zones for the session, and volatility is very light. Looking at Market Rhythms for pure swing consistency, on a 10-test basis the leader is the Euro’s 1hr MACD, whilst on a 24-test basis ’tis the Bond’s 1hr Moneyflow. The primary BEGOS components with the best recent correlation is one that is positive between Gold and the Spoo; however, by Market Trends, Gold is in a 21-day linreg downtrend whereas the Spoo’s is up; regardless, both markets are directionally higher from their lows of eight sessions ago The one metric due today for the Econ Baro is June’s NAHB Housing Index..