19 Aug ’22, 10:35 Central Euro Time:

As we come into the final day of Q2 Earnings Season, the significantly over-extended Spoo is weakening, as are the Bond and the metals triumvirate; BEGOS Markets’ volatility is moderate. Yesterday the S&P completed its 23rd consecutive trading session as “textbook overbought”, the live P/E even as adjusted for the present Spoo drop now 38.1x. By Market Values, the Spoo (in real-time) shows as 299 points “high”. Silver thus far has traded as low as 19.13 (note the 17 August comment musing 19-dead), the white metal’s “Baby Blues” accelerating their fall (see Market Trends). Those for both Gold and the Bond too are notably dropping. With Gold at present 1767, price has now moved further beneath the 1779-1854 resistance zone. (More in tomorrow’s 666th edition of The Gold Update).