17 Oct ’22, 09:22 Central Euro Time:

“Bounce” is the watchword for the BEGOS Markets in beginning their week: at present, all eight are to the upside, seven of which (ex-the Euro) are above their respective Neutral Zones for today. Volatility is light. The Gold Update reminds us that Gold’s weekly parabolic trend remains Short and that the daily version, too, has now flipped to Short. As well, we graphically depict the stance of the S&P 500 vis-à-vis its broad-based regression channel and P/E relative to its mean: by both constructs, the S&P remains excessively high; still, by Market Values, the Spoo is (in real-time) 181 points below its smooth valuation line. Friday’s array of eight Q3 earnings for Banks found four to have improved and four to have worsened. The Econ Baro starts a moderate flow of metrics for the week with October’s NY State Empire Index which is still expected to be negative.