17 November 2022 – 09:17 Central Euro Time

At present, all eight BEGOS Markets are priced within their respective Neutral Zones for today; volatility is light-to-moderate. Gold’s 6-hour Parabolics confirmed a flip to Short at the open: this study qualifies to make the current list on our Market Rhythms page; (8 of the past 10 signals have followed-through to at least $2,100/cac). Most of the components — despite their uptrends per the Market Trends page — have begun to appear a bit toppy, the sole exception being the Bond by its firm upside progression. With but three days remaining in Q3 Earnings Season, only 58% of the reported S&P 500 constituents have bettered their bottom lines over Q3 of a year ago. Today the Econ Baro looks to November’s Philly Fed Index and October’s Housing Starts/Permits.