17 May 2023 – 09:11 Central Euro Time

Copper is at present the sole BEGOS Market outside (above) its Neutral Zone for today; otherwise, session volatility is light. Based on the rapid recent rise in the Econ Baro — plus inflation remaining at large — we don’t see the Fed making the FinMedia anticipated “pause” anytime soon. The precious metals are caught in the overall decline of all the BEGOS components as the Dollar gets a renewed bid. In fact, Gold is now the only component still sporting a positive linear regression trend (see Market Trends), although its “Baby Blues” of consistency are falling. Notably for the Spoo, by its Market Profile, the 1435-1438 zone shows as overhead trading resistance. A meager Q1 Earnings Season comes to a close at week’s end. And the Econ Baro today looks to April’s Housing Starts/Permits.