17 January 2023 – 09:28 Central Euro Time

The two-day session continues, now finding the Swiss Franc as the sole BEGOS Market at present above its Neutral Zone; below same are the Bond, Gold, Silver, Copper and Oil; volatility has expectedly broadened to moderate-to-robust. Gold has traded to as high as 1932; now at 1914, by Market Values price is 109 points above its smooth valuation line, a relatively high deviation, and yet a testament to Gold’s volume-driven strength of late. In terms of Market Rhythms, on a 10-test swing basis the most consistent is still the Spoo’s daily Moneyflow study, whilst on a 24-test swing basis ’tis Oil’s 2-hr. Moneyflow study. The Econ Baro starts its busy week with January’s New York State Empire Index.