17 February 2023 – 09:19 Central Euro Time

All eight BEGOS Markets are in the red, seven of them (save for Oil) at present below their respective neutral zones for today; volatility is moderate. As we glide into a three-day StateSide weekend, the Spoo again looks to confirm what this week has been a whippy Moneyflow signal to Short, possibly targeting the lower 3900s, depending upon the level of this Sunday night opening; (the BEGOS Markets trade through most of Monday even as the U.S. physical bourses are closed). At Market Trends, the Spoo’s still positive linear regression is more swiftly rotating toward negative as the “Baby Blues” (in real-time) have begun accelerating their fall. Specific to our calculation of the S&P’s MoneyFlow, some fear finally emerged in yesterday’s selling, the Flow suggesting a drop for the S&P of -2.3% vs. the Index’s actually dropping only -1.4%. The Econ Baro wraps its week with January’s Ex/Im Prices and Leading (lagging) Indicators.