15 January 2024 – 09:15 Central Euro Time

Given the StateSide holiday, the BEGOS Markets are into a two-day session (for Tuesday settlement). At present we’ve the Bond below its Neutral Zone for the session, and Copper above same; volatility is expectedly light. The Gold Update cites the December dichotomy between an inflationary CPI and a deflationary PPI, and that Gold on balance is biding its time these days, its broader measures of trend still quite positive. Q4 Earnings Season for 2023 is in the banks’ results phase: of the six having reported this past Friday, four bottom lines were worse than for Q4 of 2022. Still, the S&P 500 remains near its 4819 all-time high, the futs-adj’d opening at this instant for tomorrow being 4787, and the “live” P/E thus 46.6x. The “all-to-risk” S&P now yields 1.465% and the “risk-free” 3-month T-Bill an annualized 5.198%. The Econ Baro awaits a week with 15 incoming metrics.