15 August 2023 – 09:14 Central Euro Time

Following a below-average volume day for the BEGOS Markets, quiet thus far today is again the watchword, (albeit a lot of EconData waits in the wings); at present, the Bond is below its Neutral Zone for today, whilst the Euro is above same; session volatility is light. We continue to mind Oil’s “Baby Blues” (see Market Ranges): in real-time they’ve kinked lower, although are still above the key +80% axis; at Market Values, Oil is +6.96 points above its smooth valuation line; presently priced at 82.73, Oil’s most dominant Market Profile resistor is just above here at 82.80; (the recent high is 84.89). For the Econ Baro we’ve August’s NY State and NAHB Housing Indices, July’s Retail Sales and Ex/Im Prices, and June’s Business Inventories.