13 March 2023 – 09:20 Central Euro Time

As the Fed rides in on its white horse to scoop up Silicon Valley Bank’s depositors, the BEGOS Markets are firmly rallying as the Dollar dives toward a one-month low. The Euro, Swiss Franc, Glod, Silver, Copper and the Spoo are all at present above their respective Neutral Zones for today, whilst only below same is the Bond; volatility is moderate-to-robust, notably with the Bond, Gold and Spoo having already exceeded 100% of their EDTRs (see Market Ranges). The Gold Update highlights price’s perseverance given the Fed’s notion of not necessarily coming to the Treasury’s rescue upon a default. As for the S&P, the selling last week remained without fear as measured by our MoneyFlow page, the Index indeed barely reaching into “textbook oversold” territory.