13 January 2023 – 09:22 Central Euro Time

Following yesterday’s vibrant post-CPI (-0.1%) trading, only Gold is at present outside (above) its Neutral Zone for today, and volatility is mostly light. By Market Trends, Oil (in real-time) sees its linear regression having (barely) rotated to negative; that for the Bond remains negative, however that for the Spoo has rotated to positive, (short-lived, we believe, given the dauntingly-high “live” P/E and broader negative MoneyFlow measure, both within the ongoing higher interest environment). Gold has eclipsed the 1900 level as suggested per the weekly Parabolic trend having flipped to Long back on 11 November. (Gold’s All-Time High is 2089, current price is 1906; see too tomorrow’s edition of The Gold Update). The Econ Baro concludes its week with January’s first peek at the UofM Sentiment Survey, plus December’s Ex/Im Prices.