13 February 2024 – 09:18 Central Euro Time

At present the Swiss Franc is below today’s Neutral Zone, whilst above same are all three elements of the Metals Triumvirate; volatility is mostly light. As anticipated both in yesterday’s commentary and the current edition of The Gold Update, the yellow metal’s weekly parabolic trend — after having been Long for 17 weeks — has provisionally flipped to Short, confirmation of which shall come at Friday’s settle, (barring a rocket shot above 2152); as noted, this technically opens the door for further testing of the 2020-1936 support structure; strictly on a swing basis for consistency, Gold’s best Market Rhythm is currently the 4hr Moneyflow. We’re notably eying the Core CPI in today’s retail inflation data for the Econ Baro: such Core reading may indicate inflation running at a +3.6% pace.