12 October 2023 – 08:59 Central Euro Time

Money is moving into the BEGOS Markets this morning: at present, the Bond, Euro, Swiss Franc, Gold, Silver and Copper all are above today’s Neutral Zones; otherwise, Oil and the Spoo are within same, and volatility is again light. At Market Trends, even as all eight components remain in linreg downtrends, respective “Baby Blues” are rising, (save those for Oil). Gold has significantly firmed on the geo-political bid, prior to which price was better than -100 points below its smooth valuation line (see Market Values): that reading in now real-time is just -19 points; whilst as noted the yellow metal tends to decline following geo-political price spikes, price already was overly low pre-event. More in this coming Saturday edition of The Gold Update. The Econ Baro awaits metrics including September’s CPI and the Treasury Budget (originally listed for yesterday).