12 Aug ’22, 09:23 Central Euro Time:

As it seems we’ve oft seen of late, all eight BEGOS Markets are by this hour inside of their respective Neutral Zones; volatility is light. With respect to our S&P 500 MoneyFlow page, for the past five days, despite the Index’s having been on the rise, the Flow has not been supportive of the up move. And by the high P/E (the “live” reading at present 37.8x), Q2 Earnings Season has been coming in as one of the weakest by comparative improvement across the past several years. For the Bond, the noted drop of late in the “Baby Blues” (see Market Trends) saw price accelerate lower yesterday. The July reading of the PPI (headline number) was shinkage of -0.5%; we’ll see if this leads to a deflative for the CPI in a month’s time, although the “feel”/fact of inflation is all ’round. The Econ Baro concludes its week with Aug’s UofM Sentiment Survey, plus July’s Ex/Im Prices.