12 April 2024 – 08:44 Central Euro Time

The Bond and the Metals Triumvirate are all at present above today’s Neutral Zones; below same are the EuroCurrencies, and BEGOS Markets’ volatility is pushing toward moderate. Gold has eclipsed the 2400 level (All-Time High now 2413): price (now 2408) is +222 points above its smooth valuation line (see Market Values); more of course in tomorrow’s 752nd consecutive Saturday edition of The Gold Update. And yet, the Dollar also is on the move, trading this week to levels not seen since mid-November, (Gold then nearly -400 lower points than today). The Econ Baro concludes its week with a bit more inflation information as it awaits March’s Ex/Im Prices, plus UofM’s Sentiment Survey. And banks start to report for Q1 Earnings Season.