11 March 2024 – 09:21 Central Euro Time

The Bond and Swiss Franc are at present above today’s Neutral Zones; below same is the Spoo, and BEGOS Markets volatility is mostly light. Cac volume for the Spoo is moving from March into June, with 63 points of additional premium in the latter. The Gold Update cites the fresh spate of marginal All-Time Highs, (to as high as 2203); too, the Update describes a current S&P condition which only has occurred twice in the past 25 years, both prior cases leading to “corrections” of 16% to 18%. Our leading Market Rhythm at present on a 10-test swing basis is the Bond’s daily Parabolics, whilst on a 24-test swing basis ’tis the Swiss Franc’s daily Parabolics. The Econ Baro is quiet today ahead of 15 metrics due as the week unfolds.