10 November 2022 – 09:22 Central Euro Time

At present all eight BEGOS Markets are within their respective Neutral Zones for today, and volatility is again light. Hesitancy may be a function of still undecided StateSide election results and the reading later today for October’s CPI. We continue to point out that the S&P 500 by earnings remains significantly overvalued, and that the MoneyFlow suggests a sufficiently lower Index level in the balance. At Market Trends, whilst the linear regression stance of the Spoo remains positive, the “Baby Blues” thereto are indicative of the trend’s consistency breaking down. And by its Market Profile, the Spoo (at present 3761) shows the last notable apex supporter at 3728. Of note: the EDTR (“expected daily trading range”) of the Spoo by Market Ranges is now 95 points. In addition to retail inflation, the Econ Baro today also looks to October’s Treasury Budget.