10 June 2024 – 08:32 Central Euro Time

The back-loaded EconData week (plus the FOMC’s Policy Statement come Wednesday) at present finds the Bond, Euro and Swiss Franc below today’s Neutral Zones, whilst above same are both Silver and Copper; BEGOS Markets’ volatility is light. The Gold Update maintains its near-term negative price stance: of technical import thereto, Gold’s weekly MACD has now provisionally crossed to negative; (confirmation would arrive at week’s end); downside price follow-throughs of this study average some -90 points, which in this case would place Gold well-within its 2247-2171 structural support zone. The S&P 500 settled its week with the “live” P/E at 40.1x. And by Market Values (in real-time), the Spoo is +136 points above its smooth valuation line.