09 March 2023 – 09:22 Central Euro Time

The relatively quiet morning trading continues, at present Copper being the only BEGOS Market outside (below) today’s Neutral Zone; volatility is again light. Again we emphasize by our Market Ranges pages just how narrow they’ve become of late, suggestive of volatility suddenly increasing: a catalyst there may well be the Fed returning to rate increases of +50bp come their 22 March Policy Statement, (something to which we first stated in The Gold Update back on 04 February). And as Market Ranges narrow, so do components’ prices come more into line with their Market Values: per that page for five primary BEGOS Markets, only Gold seems a bit far afield of its smooth valuation line (price in real-time -46 points low). As for the mounting Gold/Silver ratio, ’tis now 90.6x: more graphically on that in this next Saturday’s edition of The Gold Update. As for Market Rhythms, the most consistent study (24-swing test basis) has been the Spoo’s 60-minute Moneyflow.