09 April 2024 – 08:45 Central Euro Time

At present, the Bond is above its Neutral Zone whilst below same is Copper; BEGOS Markets’ volatility is light. Leading Market Rhythms for consistency on a swing basis are: (10-test basis) Copper’s 6hr Price Oscillator, the Bond’s daily Parabolics, and Gold’s 15mn MACD; (24-test basis) the Swiss Franc’s daily Parabolics and Copper’s 6hr Parabolics. At Market Values for the Spoo, both price and its smooth valuation line finally have met; the deviation for Gold remains extremely stretched to the upside, in real-time by +198 points; for the other three primary BEGOS components: the Bond is 5 points “low”, the Euro 0.23 points “low” and Oil nearly 6 points “high”. Again, nothing is due today for the Econ Baro ahead of inflation data (CPI, PPI, Ex/Im Prices) through the balance of the week.