08 November 2022 – 09:20 Central Euro Time

Both the Swiss Franc and Gold are at present below their respective Neutral Zones for today; the other BEGOS Markets are within same, and volatility is light with nothing due for the Econ Baro, but the StateSide elections in the balance. Should political power shift to the right, one would expect a robust upswing swing for the S&P, especially as the Econ Baro has been on the rise for several months; problematic thereto, of course, is that of which we’ve frequently written of late, i.e. lack of earnings support, inflation and rising interest rates, and expanding geo-political tensions. As per our Market Trends page, with the exception of the Bond and Gold, the balance of the bunch are in positive linear regression uptrends. Either way, given the elections, we expect markets’ volatility to increase later in the session into Wednesday morning.