08 March 2024 – 09:18 Central Euro Time

The Euro is at present below its Neutral Zone for today; above same is Silver, and BEGOS Markets volatility is light with February’s Payrolls data in the Econ Baro’s balance. Going ’round the Market Values page (in real-time): the Bond is essentially on its smooth valuation line as is the Euro, Gold is +113 points “high”, Oil is +3.2 points “high”, and the Spoo +211 points “high”. The “live” P/E of the S&P (futs-adj’d) is 47.4x and the yield 1.381%; annualized three-month risk-free dough yields 5.228%. Gold continues to make marginal All-Time Highs, the latest being 2172; more of course on that in tomorrow’s Gold Update.