08 June 2023 – 09:09 Central Euro Time

Similar to yesterday ’round this time, Silver is the sole BEGOS Market at present outside (this time above) today’s Neutral Zone; volatility is light. The $VIX is down into the 13s, where it last was one month prior to 2020’s COVID Crash; historically, 12 is one standard deviation below the VIX’s lifetime average and generally precedes a significant drop in the S&P 500; obviously by the Index’s high “live” P/E (51.6x), cap-weighted earnings growth for the S&P has essentially been non-existent. Of note, the 3-year U.S. T-Bill continues its annualized yield of greater than 5%. The Econ Baro concludes its fairly light week, today’s metrics including April’s Wholesale Inventories.