08 Aug ’22, 09:23 Central Euro Time:

The Spoo is off to a firm start for the week as are Oil and Copper, those BEGOS Markets all trading at present above today’s NZ; none are below same, and volatility is light. The Spoo is (in real-time) 342 points above is smooth valuation line (see Market Values) and the S&P is now 14 trading sessions “textbook overbought”. At Market Trends, only Oil remains in a negative linear regression downtrend; however, the upside consistency has begun to crack in the trends for both the Bond and Swiss Franc. The Gold Update points to its weekly parabolic trend having finally flipped to Long following an 18-week Short stint; Gold’s near-term challenge is to break above its 1779-1854 resistance zone. The Econ Baro’s recent spike is its best 8-day up-move since 2004.