06 June 2023 – 10:48 Central Euro Time

Silver, Copper and Oil are all at present below today’s Neutral Zones; none of the other BEGOS Markets are above same, and volatility is mostly moderate. Looking at Market Rhythms (on a 24-swing test basis), the leaders are both Copper’s 4-hr. MoneyFlow and 30-min. Price Oscillator, plus the Bond’s 4-hr. MACD. The best correlation at present among the five primary BEGOS components is positive in pairing the Bond with Gold. By Market Values, the only deviation of note is for the Spoo which is (in real-time) 191 points above its smooth valuation line; the “live” (futs-adj’d) P/E of the S&P is 53.0x; the Spoo (currently 4279) shows fairly dominant trading resistance per its Market Profile at 4290 with trading support spanning from 4215-to-4191. Nothing is due today for the Econ Baro, which after its recent rocket shot has been receding across the last four trading days.