06 April 2023 – 09:23 Central Euro Time

Similar to the case at this time yesterday, Copper is the only BEGOS Markets at present outside (this time above) today’s Neutral Zone; and again, session volatility for the BEGOS Markets is notably light. Following Gold’s geo-political spike on Tuesday, price has since lacked additional puff; as regular readers know, price spikes tends to sag following such events. Meanwhile, the Bond has not succumbed as our analytics suggested: by Market Trends, the Bond’s “Baby Blues” continue to decline, and at Market Values price is (in real-time) better than 5 points “high” above its smooth valuation line; however, the daily Parabolics which had signaled Short have since flipped back to Long; thus it remains to be seen if near-term the Bond reached down to our 126 target area, (price now 134). ‘Tis a quiet day for the Econ Baro with just the prior’s week’s Jobless Claims. Tomorrow, bourses are closed for Good Friday, however financial commodities shall have an abbreviated session to digest the StateSide Payrolls data.