05 Sep ’22, 09:17 Central Euro Time:

Day One of a two-day session (for settle Tuesday given the StateSide holiday) begins with the Bond and Currencies slipping below their respective Neutral Zones, whilst above same are both Copper and Oil; volatility already is pushing toward moderate such that by this time tomorrow we anticipate ’twill be robust for some of the BEGOS Markets. The Gold Update cites price falling into a still deeper sleep, “conventional wisdom” pointing to “Dollar strength”: today the Dollar Index is above 110 for the first time since June 2002; (more broadly it is 33% below its all-time high of 165). At Market Trends, that for Oil is provisionally rotating to negative. August’s weaker Payrolls data and July’s Factory Orders have put a pull-back into the Econ Baro, (as presently updated for today’s Spoo pricing).