05 January 2023 – 09:22 Central Euro Time

The Bond, Gold and Silver all are trading at present below their respective Neutral Zones for today; the balance of the BEGOS Markets are within same and volatility is light-to-moderate. Even as Oil had fallen some 9 points to being the year, by Market Trends the linear regression remains positive, its “Baby Blues” of consistency having yet to turn lower; broadly on a Market Profile basis, both 72 and 66 appear volume supportive. And by Market Values, Oil at 73.57 is (in real-time) -4.33 points below its smooth valuation line, (although historically that hardly is an extreme deviation); still, yesterday’s close by the Market Magnet appears as nearly 5 points “low”. For the Econ Baro, today’s incoming metrics include December’s ADP Employment Data and November’s Trade Deficit.