04 April 2023 – 09:18 Central Euro Time

Post-OPEC+ Oil has been able to sustain yesterday’s gap-up gain; price at present is above today’s Neutral Zone, whilst all the other BEGOS Markets are within same; session volatility is light. The Oil price rise is sufficient that by Market Trends, all eight BEGOS components are now in positive linear regression; this is typical of a receding Dollar which today in the 101s is well down from the year-to-date high in the 105s. Still by Market Values, we’ve fairly extreme deviations for all five primary components: in real-time vis-à-vis their respective smooth valuation lines, the Bond shows as 4.6 points “high”, the Euro as 0.23 points “high”, Gold as 124 points “high” Oil as 4.7 points “high” and the Spoo as 120 points “high”. The Econ Baro looks to February’s Factory Orders. And Q1 Earnings Season is now underway.