03 Oct ’22, 09:26 Central Euro Time:

Q4 commences for the BEGOS Markets with the Bond, Silver and Oil all at present trading above their respective Neutral Zones for today; the other components are within same, and volatility is light-to-moderate as this most volatile month annually for the S&P 500 begins. The Gold Update “officially” beaches our 2254 forecast high for this year, and credits our 3600 target for the S&P being reached. Whilst Gold’s weekly parabolic Short trend remains suggestive of the upper 1500s trading, the daily parabolics flipped to Long per this session’s open, suggesting there being a move toward the mid-1700s: thus we’ve technical conflict between these two key Gold rhythms. ‘Tis a fairly busy week for the Econ Baro beginning with September’s ISM(Mfg) Index and August’s Construction Spending. And Q3 Earnings Season gets underway, the “live” P/E of the S&P finishing the quarter at 32.4x.