02 November 2022 – 09:21 Central Euro Time

Unlike ’round this hour yesterday, seven of the eight BEGOS Markets are at present inside of today’s Neutral Zones, the sole exception being Copper above same; volatility is basically light ahead of the Fed for which a+75bp raise is the expectation; the FedFunds Futures “hint” of a +100bp hike, but we sense +75bp shall be released in the Policy Statement. By Market Trends, linear regression is positive for the Euro, Copper and the Spoo; such trends are negative for the Bond, Swiss Franc, Gold, Silver and Oil: therein however, we see little negativity by the Baby Blues of trend consistency, suggestive of these key markets benefitting from a bit of an inflation bid. Prior to the FedFunds hike come’s October’s ADP Employment report for the Econ Baro.