02 August 2023 – 09:19 Central Euro Time

The Spoo gapped -18 points lower in concert with Fitch downgrading (as they’d been anticipating to do) the StateSide credit rating from AAA to AA+; (this occurred whilst the Spoo was in its usual one-hour closure from 21:00-22:00 GMT); the Spoo at present is below its Neutral Zone for today, as is Copper; the other BEGOS Markets are within same, and volatility is light-to-moderate. At Market Trends, the Spoo’s “Baby Blues” have preliminarily dropped below their +80% level, indicative of lower prices near-term: this last occurred on 27 June, however the downside follow-through was at best minimal, (the exception rather than the rule); we continue initially to look toward the mid-point of prior Spoo structural support ’round 4455, (current price 4575). For the Econ Baro today we’ve July’s ADP Employment data; (the first read of Q2’s Productivity and Unit Labor Costs is scheduled for tomorrow, 03 August).