01 May 2023 – 09:23 Central Euro Time

The Bond begins the week at present below its Neutral Zone for today, as do Gold, Copper and Oil; the balance of the BEGOS Markets are within same, and volatility is light. The Gold Update displays the yellow metal as the BEGOS Markets’ leader year-to-date, followed by the S&P 500 and the Bond. We still see Gold eclipsing its All-Time High (2089) within the duration of the current weekly parabolic Long trend, should typical price follow-through again occur; too, the Gold Update cites a visual plethora of warning signs for the S&P 500. For Market Rhythms, the best consistency from our 10-swing test basis is Copper’s 6-hr. Moneyflow, whereas on a 24-swing test basis ’tis Oil’s 2-hr. MACD. The Econ Baro starts a very busy week with April’s ISM(Mfg) Index and March’s Construction Spending; Wednesday the FOMC votes to raise FedFunds another 0.25bp and today on this side of the pond bourses are closed for the 01 May holiday.