01 February 2024 – 09:48 Central Euro Time

The Bond, EuroCurrencies, Silver and Copper all are below today’s Neutral Zones; above same is the Spoo, and BEGOS Markets volatility is moderate. The data provider’s EPS issue appears to have been resolved such that the S&P Valuation and Rankings page shall resume updating tonight. Yesterday’s -1.6% drop in the S&P 500 was its worst since 21 September. Credit the FinMedia for having really fueled belief for a more dovish FOMC presentation. Despite the S&P’s decline, the Spoo (in real-time) is +97 points above its smooth valuation line (see Market Values). ‘Tis a busy day for the Econ Baro including Januarys’ ISM(Mfg), December’s Construction Spending and Q4’s first peek at Productivity and Unit Labor Costs.